20 Pirate Activities For Kids

Feb 24, 2014 | Fun Things To Do With Kids in MD, DC, and VA, Pirate Activities for Kids

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Find Family Fun at Pirate Adventures

Set sail in search of fun with us and experience a Pirate Adventure with your family aboard the pirate ship Sea Gypsy in the Annapolis Harbor.

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20 Fun Pirate Activities For Kids You Can Do at Home

It’s still winter and Pirate Adventures is closed for the season, what are you going to do with your pirate obsessed kids?  You’ve seen every episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates and it’s time to expand your little mates’ horizons.  We’ve compiled a list of 20 fun and creative pirate activities for kids that should keep you busy until the weather gets a little warmer and you can embark on a Pirate Adventure and search for sunken treasure with us.

Encourage creativity with these 20 pirate activities for kids!

  1. Treasure Hunt in the Snow - Pirate Activities for Kids


    #1 – Treasure Hunt – In the Snow

    I know snow is the LAST word you want to hear! It looks like the last major cold front of the winter (hopefully) is heading our way this week and at least you’ll have a fun activity planned! Check out this really adorable idea on a Snowy Treasure Hunt.

  2. Treasure Hunt in the Snow - Pirate Activities for Kids


    #2 – Pirate Hand Print Art

    Turn your kids hands into Blackbeard, Redbeard, or Bluebeard! You will need to let the paint dry in layers so plan to do some other activities on our list while you are waiting. Specific directions and some other ideas for fun handprint art can be found funhandprintart.com.

  3. Family Movie Night - Pirate Activities for Kids

    Muppet Treasure Island © Buena Vista Entertainment

    #3 – Pirate Family Movie Night

    Dive into the pirate theme with one of these family friendly pirate movies: Muppet Treasure Island, Veggie Tales – The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, Peter Pan, or Swiss Family Robinson to name a few.  Make it an event and assemble some healthy pirate snacks from this post on funfitmom.com

  4. Pirate Story Stones - Pirate Activities for Kids


    #4 – Pirate story Stones

    This is a great way to encourage creativity in your kids especially when talking about the pirate theme.  These stones with sea creatures, treasure maps, pirate ships and more can are a great way to get a story started.  Give them to your kids and see what happens, they will come back to them often!

  5. Treasure Map Pizza - Pirate Activities for Kids


    #5 – Make A Treasure Map Pizza

    Get your kids to incorporate veggies by designing a treasure map pizza together.  More pirate snack ideas can be found on this Pirate Party Food Post.

  6. Treasure Hunt in the Snow - Pirate Activities for Kids


    #6 – Build a playroom pirate ship

    Nothing like a cardboard box to get kids to play independently, especially when you add the pirate theme!  This is a great post that gives step by step instructions to create a simple pirate ship for your kids to play in all afternoon.

  7. Pirate Coloing Pages - Pirate Activities for kids


    #7 – Pirate Coloring Pages

    Break out the crayons and the watercolors. There are free pirate coloring pages everywhere on the web. Click on the picture can i buy valtrex over the counter above for some more great coloring pages with the pirate theme

  8. Pirate Quiz - Pirate Activities for kids

    #8 – Quiz your Noodle at National GeoGraphic

    National Geographic has a great website for kids which includes this pirate themed quiz.They also have a great traveling exhibit about the pirate ship Whydah that might make a stop at a museum near you.

  9. Exploding Treasure Chests - Pirate Activities for Kids


    #9 – Pirate Science Project

    Create a science experiment in the pirate theme with exploding treasure chests. Your kids will be asking to do this again!

  10. Pirate Dress Up Box - Pirate Activities for kids

    #10 – Assemble A pirate Dress Up Box

    Looking the part is half the adventure at Pirate Adventures.  Assemble all of your old costume jewelery and scarves into one place and let the kids make a pirate dress up box out of an old suit case or trunk.

  11. Capture the Flag Pirate style - Pirate Activities for kids

    #11 – Capture the Flag

    Divide your pirates into two teams.  Each team picks a pirate island to hide the flag.  The object of the game is to capture the other teams flag and return with it to your own pirate island.  Players can be tagged by other members of the opposite team and sent to a “deserted island’ until the game is over.  The game is over when a one team plants the opposite teams flag on their own pirate island.

  12. Make your own pirate flag - Pirate Activities for kids


    #12 – Design your own Pirate Flag

    The craft stores are filled with foam cut outs of different shapes and sizes.  Not all pirate flags have to be skulls and bones.  Use the flags for a game of Pirate Capture the Flag.  Complete directions are found here on familycrafts.com.

  13. Build a pirate catapult - Pirate Activities for kids

    #13 – Pirate Catapult

    Spray paint some cotton balls for cannons  and it doesn’t seem that destructive!  We had to include a popsicle stick craft on the list.  Find directions to build the catapult here.

  14. Backyard Treasure Map - Pirate Activities for Kids


    #14 – Make A treasure map of your backyard

    This post “Tea Stained Treasure Maps” offers step-by-step instructions for an authentic looking treasure map.  Take the kids to the backyard or favorite playground or park and pick some fun landmarks, give them names (the wishing tree, path of the smooth stones) and add them to the map.  Bring some treasure to bury and hide the map in a secret place.

  15. pick your pirate name - Pirate activities for kids


    #15 – Pick your Pirate Name – Kidfriendly

    Help your kids create a pirate alter ego.  This post “How to Make a Pirate Name” offers a kid-friendly option for pirate name generation.  Once your kids have their pirate names they can use them in any of the pirate activities for kids listed here.

  16. Sensory Tub - Pirate Activities for kids


    #16 – PIRATE or Ocean Themed Sensory TUB

    Pour some water, beads any pirate or ocean themed items you have around the house into a big tub and the let the kids go to town.  You can add sand instead of beads, seashells, gold coins whatever you have on hand.

  17. Pirate Play Dough - Pirate Activities for Kids


    #16 – Pirate Play Dough Scene

    Get out the play dough and create a pirate island.  Add gold coins to play, beads, pirate figurines, sea shells, and other sea creatures to play with.

  18. put on a pirate play - Pirate Activities for kids

    #18 -Put on a Pirate Play

    Break out the story stones and write your own play or check out this free play available online called “Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate”.  The play has 7 characters and is about 15 minutes long.

  19. Cardboard Pirate Ships - Pirate Activities for kids


    #19 – Make Your Own Pirate Ship Out Of Cardboard

    This post Narnia and the North provides a template for the boats.  Break out the craft box and accessorize!

  20. Pirate Hair Jewels - Pirate Activities for Kids


    #20 – Pirate Hair Jewelery

    Head to your nearest bead store and pick out some jewel like and sea themed beads to make you own hair jewelery. Attach them to a headband or bobby pin and you’ve created your own Jack Sparrow look a-like!

That should get you in the pirate spirit!  Leave a comment with your favorite pirate activities you do at home with your kids and be sure to join us on a Pirate Adventure when the weather warms up this spring!