Playground Review – Dragon Playground in Bowie, Maryland

As the owners of Pirate Adventures in Annapolis and parents of two young kids we have made it our mission to discover the best playgrounds in Maryland and Washington DC.  Our popular kids attraction in Annapolis puts us in constant contact with Moms and Dads looking to entertain the kids in Maryland and Washington DC and we try to share our favorite places as often as we can on our Pirate Adventures Blog – The Scuttlebutt.  We recently checked out the Dragon Playground in Bowie, Maryland.  Read on for our playground review of the Medieval Dragon Playground at the South Bowie Community Center and if you are looking for more family fun around Bowie check out our collection of fun things to do with kids in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

Medieval Dragon Playground – South Bowie Community Center

The Imagination Playgrounds that have popped up in Prince Georges County are all worth a visit.  We are discovering them one at at a time and the Medieval Dragon Playground did not disappoint.  The dragon playground in Bowie, Maryland is on the smaller side but has plenty to do.  We played for awhile by ourselves and when another mom showed up she was happy to see us and said she usually had the place to herself.  An undiscovered gem of a playground I guess!  The playground has the rubber mat surfacing which makes crawling for our 10 month old so much easier!  The centerpiece of the playground is a rope climbing structure of the spine of a dragon with a leading to a play area with a dragon head and a bright red slide coming out of the dragons mouth.  There is a smaller play structure in the form of a castle with balconies to stand on and smaller slides.  Our favorite part was the nest of dragons eggs – such a simple prop but it struck right to the heart of our five year old’s imagination.  The playground is fenced in with a gate that latches making it easy to let the kids run wild and play dragons, knights, and princesses.

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fun things to do with kids Pirate AdventuresIf your kids have fun at the Dragon Playground in Bowie consider continuing the fun with a Pirate Adventure!  We are located about 30 minutes from Bowie in Annapolis.  Let us turn your kids into pirates while we search for sunken treasure aboard our pirate ship and fire our famous water cannons in the Annapolis Harbor.  Check our sailing times and make a reservation before heading to Annapolis.  If your kids love pirates and you are looking for more playgrounds you’ll want to check out our list of pirate playgrounds in Maryland, DC, and Virginia,