Pirate Party Games

Feb 15, 2014 | Birthday Party Ideas

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Find Family Fun at Pirate Adventures

Set sail in search of fun with us and experience a Pirate Adventure with your family aboard the pirate ship Sea Gypsy in the Annapolis Harbor.

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Pirate Party Games

Our interest in pirate themed birthday parties is unlimited and we are always impressed by the ideas that clever mom’s and dad’s have published around the web.  Keeping kids busy is part of the challenge and pirate party games are helpful to keep the birthday party moving and the kids occupied.

At Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake, we are always looking for inspiration. Therefore, we spent the winter coming up with ideas to make our indoor party room new and improved.  Here are some of our favorite pirate party game ideas that we came across while researching this winter.  Look for some of them in our party room this season!

Walk the Plank

walktheplankTurn a balance beam into a plank and make it exciting by adding paper sharks. Read more at catchmyparty.com.

Hook Toss

Pirate Party Games - Hook TossLove the red and black stripes!  Another simple pirate party game idea.  Check out more pics from this Jake and the Neverland Party.

Sink the Ship

Fill the ships with “cannons” made up of balled up newspaper and have one team try to “sink” the other ship by filling the enemy ship up with the cannons.  Posted mom who knows how to help buy valtrex price kids have a good time at partyplanningmom.blogspot.com

Pirate Photo-Op

Pirate Party Games - Pirate Photo OpYou’ve got those kids dressed up as pirates, don’t miss the opportunity to take some great pics to send home.  They’ll love getting into this shark cut-out to take some funny pictures!  Posted by a clever mom at jillo.smugmug.com.

Captain Hook’s Pretzels

Pirate Party Games - Captain Hooks PretzelsGently collect Captain Hooks pretzels before he discovers they are gone.  Too cute!  Posted by Kelly Griglione on Flickr.

CannonBall Toss

Pirate Party Games - Cannonball TossWater balloons, what could go wrong?  Posted at hostesswiththemostess.com

Matey Bingo

Matey Bingo - Pirate Party Games

A classic game given to us at Pirate Adventures by the great kindergarten teachers at St. John’s Regional Catholic School in Frederick.  Grab some gold coins and some prizes and you have a great game to get everyone gathered at the table before it is time to serve cake!

Submit your ideas!

Planning a party is easy with the help of others.  We hope you have gotten some great ideas for Pirate Party Games from this post but we’re always looking for more.  Find more birthday party ideas to plan the perfect kids’ party.  Leave a comment so we can keep collecting unique Pirate Party Games!  For more Pirate Party Games check out our Pinterest Pirate Party Games Board.