Pirate Party Snacks

Feb 27, 2014 | Birthday Party Ideas, Pirate Activities for Kids

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Find Family Fun at Pirate Adventures

Set sail in search of fun with us and experience a Pirate Adventure with your family aboard the pirate ship Sea Gypsy in the Annapolis Harbor.

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Pirate Party Snacks

It’s hard not to get caught up in the pirate theme. it’s so much fun to see the creative birthday party ideas moms and dads come up with when planning a pirate birthday party with us.  At Pirate Adventures we provide the entertainment on the ship and a pirate-themed indoor party room for you and your guests to return to after the trip.  Pizza can be delivered to the party room or you can bring your own food.  Pirate themed snacks can be a great transition before cake without having to serve pizza or a full meal to your crew. What works best when it comes to party snacks?

We’ve seen some great pirate party snacks come through the doors at Pirate Adventures.  The snacks have ranged from elaborate pirate ship fruit creations to bags of pirate booty and just when we think we’ve seen it all somebody comes up with something new.  We’ve assembled a gallery of some pirate party snacks that would work best for a birthday party at Pirate Adventures.  Most of the snacks on the list are easily transportable making them perfect for a birthday party at Pirate Adventures.

Picture Perfect Party Snacks

Scroll through our gallery below for pirate party snack inspiration.  Find out how to make them all on our Pirate Party Snack Pinterest Board.

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