Amazing Ideas for a Pirate Themed Backyard

Oct 22, 2014 | Fun Things To Do With Kids in MD, DC, and VA, Pirate Activities for Kids

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Find Family Fun at Pirate Adventures

Set sail in search of fun with us and experience a Pirate Adventure with your family aboard the pirate ship Sea Gypsy in the Annapolis Harbor.

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Ideas for a Pirate themed Backyard

Does your family love pirates? If so you have come to the right place! At Pirate Adventures we make the dream of turning your little mates into pirates a reality every day. Join us on a Pirate Adventure and search for sunken treasure and fire the water cannons on our family pirate cruise. Continue the pirate fun at home with these amazing ideas for a pirate themed backyard. Check out these pirate treehouses, sandboxes, playhouses, and backyard games to bring the pirate theme to your families backyard!

A Pirate Adventure is about to begin

Join us on a Pirate Adventure and then build your own pirate themed backyard.

Treehouses for the Pirate’s Life

Peter Pan had the Hangman’s Tree, give your group of Lost Boys their own treetop hideout. Outfit it with telescopes and ships wheels and watch where their imagination will take them!  From the DIY to the unbelievable fantasy pirate treehouse here are our top picks:

over the top pirate treehouse backyard idea

Total pirate treehouse fantasy found on

Found on Fort Fridays at

Found on Fort Fridays at

Pirate Treehouse DIY with rope bridge

A Treehouse Fit for Pirates and Princesses found on

Heading out to the backyard to scope out a tree for your pirate themed treehouse?  Check out and keep the ideas flowing!

Pirate Sandbox Ideas

Buried treasure is easiest to dig for in the sand!  Inspire hours of backyard play with a custom pirate themed sandbox.

Pirate boat sandbox

An old skiff can serve as a sandbox and becomes a pirate ship with a mast and ships wheel found on

Pirate themed backyard sandbox

Make a Pirate Ship Sandbox for Less than $100 found on

Pirates at Play

Break out the dress-up chest and fill it with pirate and mermaid costumes and build them the playhouse of their little pirate dreams.

pirate playhouse

A crooked house for a pirate crook found on

pirate themed backyard playhouse idea

Sail away in your backyard found on

Pirate playhouse plans

DIY a pirate playhouse in no time found on

Add it to the backyard project list

Hope that gets you inspired to start working on your own pirate themed backyard.  Get out there and start planning.  Send us your pics and keep the ideas flowing.

North Beach Pirate PlaygroundNot sure if you want a gang of pirates running around in your backyard?  Check out our post Pirate Playgrounds in MD, DC, and VA and go visit one today and make sure to visit us at Pirate Adventures this season.