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Find Family Fun at Pirate Adventures

Set sail in search of fun with us and experience a Pirate Adventure with your family aboard the pirate ship Sea Gypsy in the Annapolis Harbor.

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Pirate Treasure Hunt Ideas

What child, or adult for that matter does not love the idea of sailing away in search of sunken treasure?  At Pirate Adventures we get to make that happen for kids every day in the spring, summer, and fall.  Hunting for treasure is exciting when kids don’t know what will happen next and helping them figure out the clues or read a treasure map is so much fun!  Putting together a treasure hunt can be a challenge. We’ve gathered some pirate treasure hunt ideas that can be used for summer camps, pirate themed birthday parties, or family fun at home.  Try one of these pirate treasure hunt ideas and then come see us at Pirate Adventures for a real treasure hunt on the water complete with water cannons, a message in a bottle, a treasure map, and of course sunken treasure!

Ready, Set, Go!

Try one of these pirate treasure hunts and leave a comment – tell us which one worked the best or let us know if you have a pirate treasure hunt idea that we should try!

Get the kids moving

Coded Treasure Map - pirate treasure hunt ideasGive the kids a coded treasure map that takes them around the yard, playground, etc.  It can also be set up indoors.  This is a fun way to get them get valtrex online moving and to learn how to introduce the legend on a treasure map.   Pirate map skills!  Complete details on this treasure hunt can be found on

Sand Box Treasure Hunt

Good for small spaces.  Give the kids a list of pirate items to find in the the treasure chest.  You can set up multiple buckets or treasure chests for larger groups like summer camps or birthday parties.

Complete the Puzzle

Puzzle Treasure Hunt - pirate treasure hunt ideas

Using photo clues kids find different pieces of the puzzle to be put together at the end of the treasure hunt.  Great for summer camps, gets the kids to work together and you could have different teams make the puzzle and clues the day before the treasure hunt.  Complete details can be found on

Treasure Hunt Kit

Premade treasure hunt clues - Pirate treasure hunt ideasTake the hard part out of making up a treasure hunt and purchase one with clues already made for you on Etsy.  This treasure hunt comes with clues that direct the kids to common outdoor spots such as a light post, a tree, a sandbox, etc.  Perfect for a creative birthday party activity.

Printable Treasure Hunt

Printable Pirate Treasure Hunt IdeaAnother option to purchase, this treasure hunt comes with a secret pirate code that is used to decipher clues.  It has a lot of different activities throughout the treasure hunt.  It can be purchased online and then you get a link to the printables.  Complete details can be found at

Pirate Scavenger Hunt Nature Walk

Nature Pirate Scavenger Hunt - Pirate treasure hunt ideas

A scavenger hunt with a pirate theme.  A scavenger hunt is less involved than a treasure hunt and requires the kids to gather the items on the list.  Love this!  The printable can be downloaded at

Write Your Own Treasue Hunt – Clue Ideas

Pirates of the Caribbean Clue Cards - pirate treasure hunt ideasLet the kids channel Captain Jack and Elizabeth with another free printable at  You can download the blank clue cards.  For treasure hunt clue ideas visit  This site is great for inspiration to help with writing customized clues for your location.

Take a treasure hunt field trip to Pirate Adventures

Come aboard our pirate ship and search for sunken treasure with us! We will read a treasure map in search of an X that marks the spot. Look the part of a pirate with face painting and dress-up, battle an enemy pirate with our water cannons, and bring home some treasure of your own. This kid-friendly pirate cruise is the pirate treasure hunt idea you have been looking for. Perfect for families, summer camp field trips, and pirate themed birthday parties. Call us at (410) 263-0002 to make your reservation today.