Summer Camp Field Trips Planning Guide for the Best Field Trip Ever

Mar 4, 2016 | Field Trips Ideas

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Find Family Fun at Pirate Adventures

Set sail in search of fun with us and experience a Pirate Adventure with your family aboard the pirate ship Sea Gypsy in the Annapolis Harbor.

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Plan Fun Summer Camp Field Trips

Best Field Trip in Annapolis at PIrate AdventuresIf you run a summer camp in Maryland, DC, and Virginia you are lucky to have a huge amount of choice when it comes to summer camp field trips.  At Pirate Adventures we specialize in field trips for summer camps, daycares, preschools, and large groups.  With the owner as a former teacher and camp director we understand the logistics of pulling off a great field trip.  All field trips are not created equal and we hope to be the best with our top notch program that the kids will love to come back to every year.  We make planning a field trip easy and will even be there to help you unload the bus or park your vans.  We understand that nailing down your numbers is almost impossible and we work closely with our summer camps to make sure they do not end up paying for unused tickets.  In the interest of providing our customers with the best field trip possible we have put together this resource for planning the best summer camp field trips.

Planning the best field trip for your summer camps – questions to ask


  • Do we need to give an exact head count in advance?

    When planning a summer camp field trips you usually have to plan months in advance and you may not know exact registration until the week before the trip or even later.  Some field trip destinations require you to pre-purchase tickets which could end up costing the camp a lot of money over the summer.  Ask if they have a flexible booking policy.

    At Pirate Adventures we recommend that you book the maximum amount of tickets that you will need and require a final head count 24 hours prior to the trip.  This ensures that you will be able to get the tickets you need and you will not get stuck with the tickets if registration does not meet expectations.  If you call us the morning of the trip with updated numbers we do our best to sell the tickets and we will not charge you for unused tickets if we can sell them on the day of the trip.

  • Is there on-site parking for buses and vans?

    Transporting a group of children is not an easy generic valtrex process and when you arrive at a field trip destination you’ll want to find easy parking for your buses and vans.  Is the parking free?  Do the children unload in a safe area close to the field trip location.  We know how difficult it can be to arrive at a busy field trip destination and get stuck with expensive parking fees or driving in circles looking for parking without any help from the field trip vendor. At Pirate Adventures we meet our buses and vans in the parking lot and help them get parked and unloaded.

  • Do you have a place for us to eat lunch?

    It is important to ask what the options are for lunch on site.  Can the kids pack a lunch, will there be space for our entire group to sit together?  Some field trip destinations do not allow outside food to be brought in and you will want make sure you have budgeted for this.

  • Is there a permission slip or waiver form that needs to be signed

    The logistics of making sure a waiver form is signed can be daunting.  Does the field trip venue have a waiver form?  Can it be filled out online?  Make sure the process of waiver forms is easy and efficient for your parents.  If you are looking for permission slip templates to use at your summer camp we found this post to be very helpful: Permission Slip Templates and Field Trip Forms.  We do not require a waiver at Pirate Adventures.

  • What is the program like for the kids?

    summer camp field tripsEven more important than the logistics questions, will the kids like the trip?  Does the field trip meet the expectations of your kids who want their summer to be filled with fun adventures and unique experiences.  Is the program interactive, does it allow the kids to participate?  Is the program age appropriate? At Pirate Adventures we strive to have the most fun with the kids that you bring us.  Our interactive adventure on the water keeps the kids up and moving the WHOLE time.  With a search for sunken treasure, water cannons, and clues along the way we know how to capture the imagination of your summer campers.  Working with kids is our sweet spot and we focus on kids and families exclusively.

We kept the questions above at the top of our list when designing our field trip program and we think we are the best option when it comes to summer camp field trips.  Other experts in our field agree that asking questions up front will guarantee the best experience for you and your campers on your field trip.  Check out these posts for more help planning the perfect field trip this summer:

If you are looking for more help with planning your summer camp this season find plenty of ideas for summer camps on our field trip ideas section which includes posts such as 50 Things to Do with Kids in Annapolis, Summer Camp Activities for a Pirate Theme, and more resources to help you have the best summer camp ever!